11 Best Home Office Colors To Spark Creativity

By March 22, 2021Wellness

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With the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic, social distancing rules, and lockdowns, many of us have been required to work from home for a substantial period.

This has created several benefits, including the lack of a commute, longer evenings of personal time, and the increase in the adoption of flexible working patterns.

On the flip side, it has meant that many of us – particularly those in smaller homes or apartments – have struggled with maintaining a work-life balance, finding a suitable place to work from, and suffering from burn-out. 

One of the best ways to counteract the pain of working remotely is to reinvent your home office space. You should never underestimate the impact that the color of your walls can have on things like your creativity and level of focus. 

Just for fun, we’ve outlined eleven of the best office colors to paint your home workspace that might even help to spark a bit of creativity or help you to concentrate better.

1. Blue

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One of the best office colors for your home is blue. The color of intellectuals is rarely used within a home office but it should be considered more often.

As a primary color in a room with other shades or tones, blue can help with mental strain and your focus levels. In some minds, blue is widely accepted as the color of productivity and supposedly promotes a level of calm concentration that helps you to work more efficiently. Be careful though, too much blue and you might feel too relaxed to work! 

2. Yellow

For creatives, you may want to consider yellow walls. Sometimes this color choice is used in innovation labs to spark ideas in the minds of those using them. While not the most visually appealing, yellow does have its benefits.

So, perhaps consider it as an accent color for your home office? Yellow has also been known to stimulate positivity and happiness – another reason to keep it in mind when redecorating at home!

3. Green

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Green is a rather balanced color that can add a sense of nature to any home office. If during the pandemic you long for the outdoors, then this might be the choice for you.

Many of us find inner peace when amongst nature, so green could be beneficial for you in that respect. Its other properties include being easier on the eye, meaning that if your eyesight isn’t brilliant and is only hampered by staring at a computer screen all day, this could ease things a bit for you.

4. Grey

Not an unpopular color amongst interior designers by any stretch, grey is used frequently within many modern, sleek-looking homes. That said, be wary of using it in your home office. The benefit of grey walls is that they provide minimal distractions and a feeling of neutrality. That should mean you find it easier to focus on your work. However, some find that too much grey can spark depressive thoughts – so use it sparingly!    

5. Red

If your working from home experience is a little different from that of a typical office worker, then you may wish to consider red. Scientists believe that the color red can increase your blood flow, thereby upping your heart rate and gearing you up for more physically demanding tasks. If you are a gym instructor having to work remotely, or a tradesman confined to your home workshop, then this could be the color for you. Red is said to keep you more mentally alert too, which is another handy benefit of using this color to maintain focus while working from home. 

6. Charcoal

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A much deeper tone of grey that is much closer to black than white is charcoal. This color provides a reassuring comfort for some as its neutral tone is said to reduce anxiety. Similar to green, charcoal also helps tired eyes, fatigued after a long day of screen time, largely due to its dark shade. Often this color can help you find the inner strength to push on through exhaustive tasks and lengthy office hours, getting you to the end of the day that little bit sooner.

7. Purple

Perhaps purple is your favorite color – and what better reason to choose it than that? Often associated with luxury, the color purple can be used to brighten up an office space, particularly lighter shades, such as violet. Remember, whatever color you choose will have an effect on your mood, so if you are fond of purple, then go for it. Purple is also said to inspire happiness and motivation, putting you in a state where it is much easier to be creative and remained focus on the task at hand. 

8. White 

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Possibly the most common color on this list, white is used frequently in home offices due to its great qualities as a canvas for other colors. A cool, calming color, white is going to help you maintain focus while also providing a clear element of style and sophistication to your set-up. Many people choose white home office furniture for that very reason. The properties of white also mean that it reflects light, making your working from home set-up much brighter, allowing you to concentrate better as a result.

9. Pink

This color does more than just make the boys wink! Scientists believe that warmer shades of pink can generate feelings of focus, concentration, and creativity – making it perfect for your remote working set-up. One of the great things about working from home is that we all have a bit more spare time to work on DIY projects. So, if your home office requires a bit of a revamp, now is the time – and pink could be your answer! 

10. Brown

No, really. Brown has its benefits too! Not the most charming of color choices when you initially think about it but warmer tones of brown can promote a focused atmosphere, helping you to remain composed, calm, and collected while working from home. So, if you work in a particularly stressful role, painting your home office brown could be your answer. 

11. Orange

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As a mix of two colors that we have already covered in red and yellow, orange has several beneficial traits. Firstly, due to its bright, colorful nature, orange can add a degree of vibrancy and warmth to any home office space, helping to give you that creative boost when you need it most. As a rather fun color, firms are flocking to use orange branding within their workplaces due to its ability to inspire happiness and a determination to succeed.  

Ultimately, there are many different colors – each with its respective benefits – that can boost your creativity and help you to maintain focus while working from home. If you are fortunate enough to have the financial resources and spare time to be renovating your home office space, then a lick of new paint could transform a dingey, dull and depressing space into something that could transform your productivity levels and mood.

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