10 Different Types of Desks To Fit Different Spaces

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With so many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, finding the perfect desk to fit our needs has become paramount.

Workers – whether they’re in the office or working remotely – need to remain productive at all times and having the right desk is crucial to achieving that.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many traditional office-based workers to turn to home offices or a spare bedroom, it is not just those from traditional computer-based jobs that have had to pivot to working remotely.

With that in mind, there are several different types of desks that we have outlined in order for you to identify the best desk for you.

Computer Desks

computer desk 1 edited scaled

A typical computer desk is the most optimal for remote working for most office-based professionals. These are the best desks for desktop computers, allowing you to easily house a computer monitor and PC tower, with plenty of space for peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. 

Built for efficiency and simplicity, many feature dedicated sliding drawers on which to store your mouse and keyboard. This means that at the end of a remote working day, you can tuck these items away under the desk, so they’re out of sight and mind, while also freeing up additional space in your living room, spare bedroom – or whichever space you’ve turned into your home office setting.

Floating Desks

floating desk 1

Otherwise known as wall-mounted desks, the floating desk is another space-saving solution that will work for many who are having to work remotely from cramped apartment buildings and can’t fit a conventional desk into their home. 

By fixing your desk to the wall, you completely save all available floor space, allowing your home office set-up to feel a lot more spacious. 

These are particularly popular amongst students or those that live and work in studio apartments. Many floating desks also boast a good array of storage options, with shelves and cupboards providing additional space for you to store stationery and more. 

Writing Desks

107030662 xl edited scaled

A dedicated writing desk differs somewhat from a traditional computer desk, in that there is a lot more surface space. This desk style enables you to focus on what’s in front of you a lot better, with plenty of desktop space to spread out sheets of documents, pens, and paper. Equally, if you’re more digitally minded, and prefer to write on your laptop, then this type of desk is just as suitable, with plenty of space to plonk your portable PC on and get to work.

The downside to the writing desk is that it lacks in the storage department, giving up that space to create additional room on your desktop. That said, there is plenty of room for you to sit comfortably, allowing you to sit properly at your desk 

Double Desks

double desk edited

According to the Mental Health Foundation, nearly a quarter (24%) of us in the UK reported feelings of loneliness during the first fortnight of lockdown. 

If you’re struggling with loneliness while working remotely during the lockdown, then partnering up with a significant other and working from a double desk could be the ideal solution for you. This back-to-back set-up enables two remote workers to comfortably be seated, with plenty of space for chairs on either side of the desk. 

While uncommon, this type of desk is sometimes found in an office environment and sparks productivity, creativity and conversation between employees, owing to its design. If you’re missing that element of office life while working remotely, then why not give a double-sided home office desk a go?

Corner / L-Shape Desks

corner desk

If like many of us, you are limited in the amount of space you have to work at home from, then a corner or L-shaped desk may be the perfect solution for you. Perhaps you’re also after a bit more surface area? If so, the corner desk is ideal. 

Many remote workers rely on this type of desk if they have a number of peripherals or additional monitors and devices such as a phone or a printer to connect to their set-up.

There’s also the added benefit of the additional legroom corner desks provide, allowing you to sit properly at your desk, resting your legs appropriately to avoid aches and pains.

Roll Top Desks

roll top desk

Switching to working from home might be a very different environment from modern office spaces for some of us. If your home is decorated in a more antique style, then a roll-top desk might work for you and blend into your home environment much better than a simple desk.

They are available in all sorts of styles, but often offer up the most beautiful solution for home working, albeit not the most practical for those with computers. 

That said, if you’re somebody who likes to switch off after a hard day and is really struggling with bringing your work-life into your home, then take note.

Roll-top desks feature a hood that rolls down and covers the contents of your desk. Thereby keeping your technology and confidential files secure, but also ridding the room from thoughts about work.

Standing Desks

standing desk home office edited scaled

According to the National Institutes of Health, sedentary behavior has been linked to a shorter lifespan as well as a wide array of medical issues. With standing desks, that problem is alleviated, as you’ll be stood up for much of your working day, as opposed to being sat motionless in a desk chair for seven or eight hours. 

There have been several scientific studies into the benefits of standing desks and how they can affect both your health and well-being, as well as general overall productivity. However, the jury remains out – they only seem right for some people.

Pedestal Desks

double pedestal desk office desk large study desk dark blue painted wooden desk 0 1 edited scaled

One of the oldest desk configurations is the pedestal desk. This design saw a sharp uptake in the 1800s – more than 200 years ago! 

Generally speaking, a pedestal desk boasts nine drawers and is made up of three components, two sides and a flat top surface. The columns of drawers then act as the desk’s legs, with a large surface space on top. 

Who needs one of these? People who need to store a lot of documents, papers or files. If that’s you, then this could be the perfect desk solution for your needs.

Executive Desks

executive desk edited scaled

If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office with plenty of space on offer, then you may wish to treat yourself to an executive-style desk and really take your remote working situation to the next level. 

These desks add a certain level of grandeur to any home office and often come in beautiful carved, wooden designs in a variety of shapes. For that reason, executive desks can often come with quite a sizeable price tag. 

According to Recycled Business Furniture, more than 200,000 pre-owned office desks are sold every year in the UK, which in turn helps to prevent nearly 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. So, if you’re determined to live that executive lifestyle while working remotely, and have the space to accommodate an executive desk, then why not pick up a used model and save a bit of cash at the same time?

Ladder Desks

Ladder Desk 1

Another space saver is the ladder desk, which can maximize the available area you do have and provide plenty of storage options. 

Centered around a central panel that acts as your main desktop, ladder desks have grown in popularity thanks to the increased sales of ladder-style storage units, which can often be found in living rooms and bathrooms across the UK. 

The ladder desk is a simple and elegant design that also enables you to add a bit of artistic flair or decoration to your home working set-up.


Hopefully, this overview of the different types of desks has helped you identify the perfect option for your needs. If you’re still unsure, be sure to review our FAQs and have this guide in mind when you’re shopping for your remote working desk.

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