How To Boost Your Self-Confidence While Working From Home

By February 22, 2021Wellness

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The outbreak of coronavirus has shifted a large percentage of office workers into remote work, with many employees struggling to adapt to the new way of doing things.

This could be for any number of reasons, such as increased stress, lack of work-life separation, or even loneliness through isolation.  All these feelings can be a factor in reducing your self-confidence, not only in your personal life but professionally too.

Staff with confidence often have a much higher level of work satisfaction, get more work done, and are more likely to be looked at for promotions and increases in pay. 

If you want to change your remote working habits and increase your ability to perform well while working remotely, we have outlined some top tips that will help you boost your self-confidence while working from home.

1. Dress For Success

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There is an old saying that you should dress for the job that you want, not the one that you already have and this could not be more true when it comes to working from home.

One of the easiest ways to prove your professionalism during remote working is to turn up to each of your virtual meetings on time and well presented. You’re sure to impress your boss if you’re looking the part. Plus, being dressed well is only going to make you feel more confident and ready to attack the day.

2. Learn New Skills 

Some of the best online learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare and Masterclass will enable you to learn and develop new skills while working from home.

If your company entitles you to a personal development fund, then you should definitely make the most of it by enrolling in an online course to help you become even more of an expert in your field.

Feeling like you belong is a real confidence breeder at work, and if you’ve got all the know-how to execute your job to the highest level, then you will definitely feel more self-confident whilst working from home.

3. Identify Your Weaknesses

If you are lacking in confidence already, then this might seem like a straightforward task. However, often the first step to boosting your self-confidence and overcoming your weaknesses is by identifying them.

Make a list of all the things you struggle with in your current role and seek ways to remedy these issues. If you’re struggling with where to start, speak with your line manager who is there to assist with your personal wellbeing and career development.

You’ll feel more confident knowing that somebody is on hand to help you through this rough patch too.

4. Cut Out Negativity

It’s vitally important that you rid yourself of all negative distractions, feelings or thoughts when trying to boost your self-confidence. Nobody has ever improved by consistently beating themselves up about something.

Encourage yourself to do better and be better and the results will come. Maintaining a positive mindset can be helped with something as simple as establishing a routine.

If you’re waking up and rolling out of bed to sit in front of your laptop, then you’re probably not going to be feeling your most positive or alert. Create confidence by getting into positive habits and being prepared for the day.

5. Challenge Yourself

This may sound daunting if you are already struggling, but one of the best ways to boost your self-confidence is to challenge yourself and throw yourself in at the deep end.

Some of the most successful people in life start out by faking it till they make it – and there is no shame in doing that while working from home. Whenever you approach a new task, it’s normal to feel like you are lacking in confidence. However, if you tackle it headfirst and maintain a positive mindset, you’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

6.  Celebrate Your Successes

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No matter how small, it’s important to recognize when you’ve achieved something and give yourself a pat on the back. With many of us working remotely in total isolation, it can feel like we’re missing out on those office high-fives or a congratulatory well done that you might have received before Covid.

Therefore, it is now more important than ever to celebrate your successes, as this will really boost your self-confidence. Keep track of these too because they will certainly come in handy if you are having a rough day and are lacking in positivity.

7. Appreciate Your Strengths

Similar to celebrating your wins is appreciating your strengths. We always feel at our most confident when we’re doing something that we know we’re good at.

So, if you’re feeling a bit nervous or under pressure, pick a task that you know you can thrive in and focus on that for the rest of the day. Nothing boosts your self-confidence more than completing tasks or checking off a to-do list, so sticking to your strengths is always a great place to start.

It’s important to remind yourself of your strengths every day too, as this is how we grow and improve both personally and professionally.

8. Become A Role Model

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a senior or management position within your workplace, then use that as a way to channel new-found self-confidence.

Becoming a role model to your more junior colleagues will not only increase your future career prospects but make you feel more confident in your current role. Offer to mentor younger or less senior staff and encourage them to look up to you by leading by example.

If you’ve just finished work on a really successful project then be sure to show it off to your colleagues and help them learn from your mistakes along the way.

Management will really appreciate this and working collaboratively in this way will help those who suffer most from remote working.

9. Improve Your Relationships With Colleagues 

While working from home can sometimes make you feel like you’re out there on your own, it’s important to remember that you and your team are all in this together and that you can rely on one another to get things done.

We recommend boosting your self-confidence by forging better relationships with your colleagues. This can easily be achieved by taking the time to catch-up with a co-worker over a video conference and keeping tabs on how each of you are doing.

People really appreciate it when somebody reaches out to them without reason, so why not give it a go? You’ll feel more confident with a team around you that you know well and can trust.

10. Communicate More Clearly 

One of the things that can often get us flustered at work is not communicating properly. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions you need answering in order to complete a task. There is nothing worse than thinking that you captured everything during a briefing from one of your colleagues, only to realize that you still aren’t quite sure what is going on.

The feeling of guilt and uncertainty makes you lose confidence in your right to ask again for clarity. Try to avoid feeling this way and don’t be afraid to follow-up with colleagues. Communicating well is the key to getting the job done – and if you’re completing your work well, then you’re going to be brimming with self-confidence.

11. Practice Makes Perfect 

Practicing is the cornerstone of success. It’s so important for your self-confidence that you try things again and again in order to become successful at them.

Learning from your mistakes and having confidence that you won’t make that same mistake again is what makes us perform at our very best. If there is a particular area of work that you are struggling in, then don’t give up on yourself just because you’re working remotely and feel like you have nobody to learn from.

Try and try again to ensure that you improve and take the necessary steps to overcome this particular challenge. You’ll feel so much more confident after conquering something like this.

12. Have Fun!

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Finally – and perhaps most importantly – have fun! We spend so much of our lives at work that it’s important to be able to have a good time whilst we’re doing it. If you relax and take things as they come, you’re bound to feel more self-confident.

After all, taking yourself too seriously only worsens your self-esteem. If you make a mistake or a misjudgment, remember that it’s okay to laugh about it after – just make sure that you learn from it for next time. According to the World Economic Forum, laughter is exactly what we need right now in the workplace. You will be astonished by how much more jovial work can be if you have fun more often!

In summary, there is no reason to feel isolated or without confidence while working from home if you follow these tips. This new way of working has brought with it many positives but boosting your self-confidence is something that you will have to take proactive steps to achieve. 

Even following just a few of these recommendations will make a noticeable difference to your outlook on work and we encourage you to challenge yourself to see some truly remarkable results. 

Remember, you are not in this alone and there is plenty that can be done to change your fortunes. Plus, if all goes well, there is no reason why you can’t be challenging for a raise or that big promotion!

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