10 Tips On How To Organize Your Home Desk Like a Boss!

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Times are tough. Most of us have never known anything quite like the COVID-19 pandemic and that can be unsettling. However, for all the negatives that coronavirus has caused, the one positive has been the accelerated shift to remote working practices. 

Working from home gives employees increased autonomy, reduced stress due to the lack of a commute, and the comfort of working from a home desk set-up in whichever way they please. 

However, distractions at home can make it a lot harder to focus on the task at hand. One way to combat this is to ensure your home desk set-up is decluttered, optimized for work and organized like a boss!

We’ve outlined some of the must-have organizational tools that will help you to remain productive whilst working remotely. Remember, a clean work desk means zero distractions. 

1. Cable Clips

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If your job involves connecting a lot of external devices to your main computer, then cable clips are definitely for you. Perhaps you’re a photographer or filmmaker, and often connecting SD cards or external storage drives to your PC. There’s also the power cord, your phone charger, and keyboard and mouse connections to think about. Suddenly your desk is cluttered with cables, and they are more than likely getting tangled. 

The solution? Cable clips. These little plastic dividers enable you to clip essential cables to the edge of your desk so that when you need to charge your phone, or pop an SD card into your laptop, you’ll know exactly where to find the cable you need. 

2. Desk Organisers

Gather The minimal modular organizer. Unsplash edited scaled

The best desks are always boosted by organizers. These productivity-boosting tools come in a couple of different variations. There are plastic dividers for your draws, helping you to easily sort items like your pencils, erasers, calculator and more. Alternatively, there are on-the-desk organizers, which can house an assortment of small files, sticky notes, pens, scissors, etc.

With a desk organizer, you’re never going to be scrambling around for a pen or a notebook just as your Zoom call starts connecting either. This helps to reduce clutter too, as everything is stored in one confined area of your desk. 

3. Monitor Stands

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The main part of any home desk set-up, other than the desk itself, is always your computer monitor – or monitors! Not all of us can work off of one screen, particularly if our jobs involve cross-referencing multiple documents at once or a lot of copy and pasting. 

The best way to ensure a clean desk set-up with multiple monitors is to invest in a monitor stand or arm. Not only will this device help you to align multiple displays to your eye level, but monitor stands can also help to reduce back, neck and eye strain. 

Adjusting your computer monitor’s height and angle to best suit your home working environment can make a massive difference to your productivity while working remotely. According to Neck Doctor, monitor arms can even help rid you of chronic eye strain.

4. Phone Stands


Are you somebody who struggles to put your phone down? Is your screen time through the roof? Perhaps you’re prone to dropping your smartphone and smashing it? Or worse, putting it down somewhere and forgetting where you left it.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then why not consider getting a phone stand? Organizing a home desk like a boss means knowing where everything is at any given moment. And, if your phone is always in its stand, you’re never going to be fumbling around, wasting time, looking for where it is.

Phone stands boast a lot of plusses too, with many supporting built-in wireless charging, meaning you’ll never be out of juice. In addition, they keep desk set-ups looking clean, and if you prefer to charge with a wired connection, phone stands allow you to neatly feed a cable through.

5. Laptop Stands

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If you’re always on the go and not really into the whole multi-monitor set-up, then you still need to invest in a laptop stand, because crooking your neck all day staring down at a screen does nightmares for your posture. 

The NHS website recommends using a separate keyboard and mouse so that your laptop can be placed on a stand with the screen at eye level. 

Laptop stands also provide a bit of a productivity hack because with one, there will be more space under your laptop for storage. 

6. Microphone Arms

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If your remote role involves using a microphone, then a microphone arm can really clear up some of the clutter on your desk. If you’re a musician or prefer to use a dedicated microphone due to the poor output from your computer’s built-in one, then this could be the organizational tool for you.

Microphone arms allow you to get the perfect mic placement, meaning your voice will sound clearer and you won’t have to lean down, straining your neck. There is also the benefit of all the desk space you’ve freed up, allowing you more room to proof or reference printed documents and store your stationery.

7. Headphone Stands

desk setup WQ6TR9T edited scaled

If you like listening to music while you work, or your job involves speaking to colleagues or customers on the phone all day, then you may want to consider a headphone stand. 

Headphone stands provide a clutter-free solution for storing your headset, away from your primary workspace. This looks smart and sophisticated but also means your earphones are always within reach for when you need them. 

If you’re a bit of a clumsy person and are always knocking things off your desk, then a stand will prevent your expensive headphones from falling victim to that outcome too!

8. Dry Erase Boards

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A dry erase board – or whiteboard – is the perfect productivity tool that will help you stay organized when working from home. If you’ve recently pivoted to working remotely, then you may have been used to having a whiteboard to hand when in the office. 

If you manage a large team or are currently in charge of a big project and you prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper approach to taking notes, then mapping out your responsibilities on one big board could really help. 

Whiteboards also mean you won’t be sifting through files and papers at your desk and instead can just look upwards to get an overview of your team or project. Dry-erase boards are also easy to wipe, so if you need to make amends, these can be done with ease.

9. Peg Boards

peg board desk 1 edited 1

It is difficult to beat the vertical storage solutions that are available with pegboards. Typically pegboards are used in garages or home workshops but they are just as effective for a remote working set-up. 

Placing one of these above your desk will really declutter your surface – but crucially keep everything within reach. The main benefit of pegboards is that they’re very versatile and completely customizable. 

For instance, you could have a calendar, whiteboard, stationery, clock, filing system, and more all stored on your wall. That’s a lot of clutter no longer on your desk!

10. Desk Lamps

pexels julien bachelet 880989

Complete your home set-up with a desk lamp to provide a bit of additional light, character and add charm to your workstation. Lamps only illuminate certain areas of your desk and allow you to focus on specific tasks, such as reading important documents, sorting through files, or sketching out technical drawings. Discover more about lighting your home office for productivity.

Ultimately, hiding the wires, clearing the clutter and allowing yourself to focus on the task at hand is what is going to really help you organize your home desk in the best way. 

If you follow even a few of our tips, you’ll find working remotely a lot easier and, potentially, start to see an increase in your productivity levels as a result. Give these tips a go and let us know how you get on!

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